Thursday, April 8, 2010

India-Confused and Divided

My heart goes for the CRPF jawans who were brutally killed by extremist in Chattisgarh.
How many such incidents do we require for the nation to wake up???
We Indians never learn from mistakes.
Media will blame the government,who in turn will blame our neighbouring countries, citizens will shed tears for few days, and after a week or so everything will roll under the carpet as politicians will get back to their usual shelf, citizens will get rooted to market driven themes IPL, Scandals like Sania-Shoiab Marriage, reality shows etc.
We are a soft state not because others are aggressive , but we as citizens, are too pre-occupied to look beyond our individual selfish motives & desires. India lack ideology, honesty in thoughts & action among its citizens.
Yes our political class is inefficient and corrupt, after all they are also a part of the Indian society a confused & divided society. Division is deep rooted.
Unless we wake today, India will remain confused,divided and vulnerable to internal and external threats.

God Bless India............................